Emilie Paoloni - home made dog food

Our Story

We believe the health of your dogs starts from the inside. We are confident your dog will love our food as much as ours do!

Bull Mastiff polaroid We started making homemade dog food in 2002, after adopting our four month old dog Ben, through a Bullmastiff Rescue. When we adopted him, he was an extremely finicky eater and no matter which commercial brand of dog food we offered, he would not eat anything. We, then, started to add chicken to his kibble and canned food. He would eat only the chicken and would leave the rest in his bowl. Eventually, we began adding rice, vegetables, sweet potatoes and berries to his food. He loved it!

Inventing and having our dogs taste test new recipes turned into a hobby. My mother taught me how to “can” our dog food using a pressure canner. Before we knew it, we were canning new recipes and had a basement full of homemade dog food. We started giving jars away to our family and friends. They all came back saying how crazy their dogs were about the food, and suggested we start a homemade dog food business. We thought that was an exciting idea, but realized we needed to do a lot more research on dog nutrition. We spent months researching Nutrient Profiles for dogs and comparing human nutrition with dog nutrition. We needed to make sure the dogs were getting exactly what they needed using human food. We then, shipped the jars to an independent company that tests animal food. We passed with flying colors!! All of our hard work paid off!

Polaroid picture of Emilie's dogsWe are based in York, Maine and we currently have five dogs. In April 2012, my husband and I drove from York, Maine to Birmingham, Alabama to adopt our blind bullmastiff, Phoenix. Since he is blind, the rescuers were worried that transporting him with so many other dogs would be too stressful for him. So, we offered to drive down to pick him up and we came home with three!

In 2010 our dog, Axel, was diagnosed with an animal protein allergy. After doing research on his condition, we learned it was much more common than we expected. Therefore, we developed a soybean vegan recipe especially for him. He has been eating vegan for several years and is doing fantastic!